Store-Bought Spice Mix Recipe Substitutes

I like to use spice mixes when I cook. I've always thought that a good spice mix can make or break a recipe. The problem is that I usually end up buying a jar of one type, using it once or twice, and then finding it a year later when I clean out my cupboard. Sometimes I even buy another jar of a mix, thinking that I've run out, only to find that I already had one.

Some time ago I began reviewing our grocery bills for a while and I quickly came to the realization that making them at home would save me a lot of time and money. Now I only need to make the amount I need, with ingredients that I have on hand. It's also healthier, since many store-bought mixes have chemicals in them. 

The nice things about the recipes that I've compiled are that they are easy to assemble, and they taste almost like the store-bought versions. You can find all of 13 of these popular mix recipes  HERE.