Chinese Restaurant-Style Duck Sauce Recipe

It was always a special treat to go to our local Chinese restaurant when I was growing up.  I remember entering the dark room and being fascinated by the exotic decor that adorned the walls.  Hanging from the ceiling were beautiful red silk lanterns that shimmered with gold fringe. The walls were covered with a lush red velvety textured paper, and the booths were big and plush, perfect for sinking into.

I moved away years ago and, sadly, the restaurant was gone long before that.  There's a huge impersonal multiplex theater where it once stood.

It was in that Chinese restaurant that I developed my fondness for Chinese food.  To this day I think that they had the best Mongolian Pork, and it's still my go to choice when we go out for Chinese.  I also usually start my meal with a bowl of steaming hot and sour soup accompanied by some wonton crackers and duck sauce.

I can go through a whole bowl of that lovely sweet sauce with it's slight tang.  I dip egg rolls in it and slather it on my crab rangoon.  My daughter likes putting the sauce on her rice instead of soy sauce.

The other day I made a fried rice dish and used some duck sauce from plastic packets that we had saved from a takeout dinner. The sauce didn't taste like much at all except for the plastic flavor from the packet.  It was pretty sad.  So I decided to play around and make my own.  To my surprise it turned out quite nicely.

The recipe really isn't that hard.  The flavor is more intense than restaurant duck sauce and it has a  really nice zing.  It's also super simple to make and only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish.

Here's everything you need to know to make your own restaurant-style duck sauce.  The recipe can be found following the photos.


All the ingredients you'll need to make this tasty duck sauce.

Mix all ingredients thoroughly

Mix all of the ingredients thoroughly.

Push mixture through a sieve

Pass the mixture through a sieve.

Chinese Restaurant-Style Duck Sauce Recipe
Makes 1/2 cup of sauce

  1. In a small bowl whisk together all ingredients until smooth.  There will be larger pieces of apricot from the jam.
  2. Using a fine sieve, strain the mixture into a small bowl.  Use the back of a spatula to push the sauce through.  Discard the mixture that does not pass through the sieve.
  3. Serve as desired.  Refrigerate any leftover sauce in an airtight container for up to a week.

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